Eco-Friendly Electrical Appliances – Green Technology

There is a lot of focus on saving the environment and manufacturers of various products are now using green technology to preserve the environment. For consumers, there is even an added advantage to using the eco-friendly appliances. They are designed to use less energy which means Read more »

Green Technology – The New Future

There is a new and emerging green movement in the technology space. The sector, which now equates for around 5 percent of the worlds global emissions, is starting to act in regards to its responsibility towards climate change.

With the recent announcement by Apple in relation to Read more »

VC’s and Entrepreneurs in Green Technology

Green technology is being predicted to be the successor of the Internet. Because of the looming effects of global warming and the prediction of most scientists becoming more and more noticeable, a lot of people are beginning to act. Unlike the online boom, green technology will probably not be as big and widespread because not everyone has access in creating scientific advancements. Unlike the Internet wherein people can just fiddle with their computers and teach themselves how to code, green technology will be a lot harder to crack. Though the two industries won’t be exactly the same, they do have similarities. One of the more prominent similarities is the interaction between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

The call to act is indeed getting more and more urgent every minute. Having said that, some daring and knowledgeable people are starting to act up. These people have the solutions and the knowledge but the lack one very important thing, the money. This is where venture capitalists come in. Their role is to find the most promising breakthroughs in order to come up with a solution. The wave is just beginning.

We are just starting to see the emergence of this new industry that mainly relies on alternative energy. Among them are solar energy, wind energy, batteries, and bio fuels. Indeed, the future looks very bright for green technology. 2009 just so happens to be a major deterrent to progress because of the recession. One thing is for sure though, as soon as the economy bounces back, more and more advancements will emerge.
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Solar panel maker Suntech plans Phoenix-area plant

PHOENIX – Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday announced plans for a Chinese-owned solar panel maker to build its U.S. headquarters and a manufacturing plant in the Phoenix area, propelling one of the nation’s sunniest states toward a bigger global presence in the renewable energy industry.

Suntech Power Holdings Co. said it expects to start building photovoltaic panels at the facility by the third quarter of 2010. The company, which has more Read more »

Five Best Alternative Energy Sources

Fossil fuels including oil, petroleum products, coal, and the like are traditional forms of energy in the United State and many other parts of the world. But these energy sources are limited and nowadays, they tend to run out and we can not reproduce them. Moreover, the consumption of these energy sources such as coal and petroleum has taken a great part in polluting the environment of our planet. This leads to many consequences like global warming, rising incidence of asthma, and rising serious diseases. As a result, Read more »