Ames, Iowa State Univ. to buy Wind-generated Power

The {{w|Brazos Wind Farm}}, also known as the ...
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Ames, Iowa State Univ. to buy Wind-generated Power

Windpark in Galicia, Spain.
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Wind Power

Wind Power is gathering steam

Wind Energy
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Klipheuwel wind-farm
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Boralex adds to Wind Farms in France

Illinois commission OKs plan to buy wind power

Geothermal Energy Updates

GeoThermal-Better for you, Better for the Planet | Green Energy Globe

People around the world are warming up to the idea of geothermal energy. Its an energy source whose time has come, as the price of fossil fuels continues to skyrocket and the planet groans under the weight of mounting carbon emissions.

China legislation boosts renewable energy sector

Green Energy – Solar Powered Vessels

Read more here Solar Powered Vessels

these solar panels work as wings: solar and wi...
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SB Collinda, the first solar powered boat to c...
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Solar powered boat
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Solar Boat
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Solar Panels on the River Thames
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Merry Christmas

A bauble on a Christmas tree.
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Best Wishes of the Season to one and all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Remember to recycle your wrapping paper and if you have a real Christmas tree, take it to be chipped.

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 26:  The 2007 White Hous...
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Have a Green Christmas

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New Y...
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