Solar Energy is Indefinitely Storable

Thermo-Chemical Solar Energy is Indefinitely Storable, Efficient

Researchers at MIT have found a way to store the heat from the sun chemically indefinitely, but are in need of one missing link to bring the idea to fruition.

Eco ways to use your mobile/cell and internet

By James Helliwell

How to Green-ify Your Cell Phone and Broadband Usage

Many consumers are becoming aware of the amount of energy that they use on a daily basis and its effect on the environment. In an effort to make the world a better place for themselves, as well as for future generators, these consumers are looking for ways to “go green”. Fortunately, some of the easiest ways to live a greener lifestyle is Read more »

Take the Zero Volt Challenge

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Siemens Enters Indian Wind Energy Sector

Siemens Enters Indian Wind Energy Sector With 250 MW Capacity

With an aim to grab a share in India’s swelling renewable energy market, Siemens has announced several plans including opening a 250 MW wind turbine manufacturing facility.

India to add 35GW of clean energy by 2015

India to add 35GW of clean energy by 2015 – New Energy World

October 2010. With new developments to its offshore clean energy industry, the UK is relying on the backing and support of both public and private sectors. More from the latest issue of envirotech & Clean Energy Investor journal …