New Gearless Wind Turbine

new gearless wind turbine-low to moderate wind speeds

Posted by Green Building Services on March 27, 2011 ยท Leave a Comment. The Innovation by Siemens could be the solution to St Louis Wind Speeds cut in Wind Speed is 3mph just what was needed for our Wind Speeds in the St Louis Area

Insects Help Israeli Farmers Go Green

Sterile Insects Help Israeli Farmers Go Green

To stop using chemical pest-control substances, Israeli farmers have turned to the novel method of releasing masses of sterile insect species into their crops.

Solar Panels Cut Power Costs

Solar Panels Irvine Cut Power Costs, Go Green | CarbonFeet

More and more, solar systems are being installed by both private home owners and commercial enterprises to decrease their electricity costs. The systems also allow their owners to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a …


Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction

Image by Wayne National Forest via Flickr

Wedding Receptions That Go Green

Wedding Receptions That Go Green | Flower Arrangement

Wedding Receptions That Go Green. For those who live a lifestyle that compliments a healthy environment, it’s important that even on their wedding day they can be found environmentally conscious. Wedding receptions are events filled …


Wedding Reception

Going green gradually: Taking baby steps

Going green gradually: Taking baby steps with a baby | Eco

Learning to live green with a family can be more difficult than just making changes in your own life. These 7 tips make it easier.