Renewable Electricity and Wine

Renewable Electricity and Wine – A Perfect Pairing

While wineries and vineyards have long been moving toward being “green,” several have taken the next step by installing renewable energy generation onsite. One of the most recent is August Cellars, just outside Newberg, Oregon. The winery recently installed a 150-foot-tall, 50-kilowatt wind turbine. August Cellars maneuvered around the somewhat prohibitive cost of the project (between $70,000 and $100,000) by not actually owning the turbine, but instead leases the turbine from a third party with an option to buy.

August Cellars is following in the footsteps of such giants as Constellation Wines, which, in September 2010, announced it would increase its solar photovoltaic (PV) usage to nearly 4MW with new installations at its…

Ohio residents to be offered green energy

Ohio residents to be offered green energy by telecom firm

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Cincinnati Bell has partnered with green energy provider Viridian Energy to deliver a power product that is “100 percent green”.

The service is the state’s first green energy option offered at a discount to the local utility.

“The retail energy market is an exciting and rapidly growing space, and this convergence between telecom and energy is a dramatic first for both industries,” said Ted Torbeck, president and general manager of Cincinnati Bell Communications.

“This innovative partnership with Viridian Energy provides substantial value to our customers, saving them money and helping them contribute to a cleaner environment.”

Unique among local retail energy offerings, Cincinnati Bell Energy is 100 percent green energy and has been certified by Green-e Energy.

The energy is regionally sourced wind power, resulting in both a positive environmental and local economic impact. The company will offer green retail energy to…

Green Energy Financier Raises $200 million

Green Energy Financier Raises $200 million To Build Solar Farms

Big Solar is about to get bigger.

Veteran renewable energy financier Matt Cheney has raised $200 million that his new venture, CleanPath, will use to jumpstart 1,000 megawatts’ worth of solar power plants over the next five years.

The $200 million in cash and credit comes from a single public company that Cheney declined to identify until it files a regulatory disclosure about the investment.

Money will cycle in and out of projects,” said Cheney, who previously ran MMA Renewable Ventures in San Francisco. “The money we use to get things done over next four or five years will add up to…

Utility Integrated Solar Power Grew 100%

Utility Integrated Solar Power Grew 100% in 2010

Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has released its latest report which showed that U.S. electric utility providers are including more and more solar power generation in their portfolios and much of this increases is happening outside of California. (Click here for the Executive Summary of the report)

The Solar Electric Power Association’s (SEPA) fourth annual Top 10 Utility Solar Rankings report analyzes utility solar electricity markets in the United States, focusing particularly on the top utilities that are driving solar electric power growth.

Price of Solar Energy Predicted to Fall

The Price of Solar Energy Predicted to Fall to $1 Per Watt by 2013

According to a report released today from the independent consulting firm Ernst & Young, the price of solar energy per watt is expected to fall to $1 by 2013, down from $2 in 2009. The association says in a recent report that the price per watt of solar energy is already down to $1.50 in 2011 and should continue to fall in the near future reflecting reductions in the cost of materials and advancements in efficiency. The report notes that though the price of solar power may be high right now, if governments around the world invest in the infrastructure to support solar power they will be ready to take full advantage of the sun’s energy by the time…