Sustainable Fabrics: How Green Are Your Clothes?

Do you wear green clothes?  Are they made out of eco-friendly textiles?

You might have heard about sustainable fabrics, but just where do they come from?  What makes them “sustainable?”

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of textiles: plant-based and synthetics.  Each individual type of fabric has pros and cons with respect to price, availability, farming methods for production, whether they use chemicals or petroleum, and how they perform when incorporated…

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New Green Technology – A Wooden-Electric Car

Here is a new technology which is so green it makes the best of Al Gore’s efforts look like a gas-guzzling SUV belching smoke. My uncle Dan is a self-styled inventor and always coming up with unusual things. A few years ago he came up with an idea for a wooden/electric car just for fun. It is literally made of 2 by 4, paneling, spare bicycle parts and plumbing pipe. Even the steering wheel and the wheels are made of wood.

Under the hood of this powerful convertible coupe are dual, 12 volt batteries which power the car up to a blazing 12 miles per hour. He is thinking of replacing the electric motor with a 900 watt motor. I guess that will be the sports model!

This model will go about…

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Uber Green Sprout Watch is Recyclable

There are many people around the world that are really into being green. Some folks take it so far as to not use anything that was made from cloth coming from cotton grown with pesticides or use plastics that are derived from petroleum. A company called Sprout has a full line of watches that are perfect if you are seriously green.

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Maintenance For Solar Panels The Right Way

Guest Post by Ray Wilson

Most people have probably already heard about solar panel systems. Why not, when you can hear just about everywhere about this technology – TV, internet, school and even on the street. This is a wonderful way for us to eliminate the need for fossil fuels, save the environment and produce infinite amounts of electricity that we can use. Now, you all probably know already about this.
But I feel that many homeowners often overlook one important thing after having bought and installed solar panels. As silly as it may sound, people forget the necessary maintenance for any solar system. Yeah, you heard me right – maintenance. What?
It may sound very appealing that solar panels work for 30 years without ever touching them when they are installed on the house roof. But this isn’t the case, Read more »

Beer Brewed With Wind Power

Yards Brewing Co. is now brewing its beer with wind power. The company is one of Pennsylvania’s largest breweries and to fulfill its mission of “going green” the company is participating in Washington Gas Energy Services’ (WGES) 100% CleanSteps WindPower to Yards program. One reason the company chose wind power to provide renewable energy is because they said it produces no air or water pollution.

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