Stylish Solar Handbags

Women loves to be techie and always want to keep up with the latest trend. The solar powered handbags let allow you to be in style, the eco friendly way. This fashionable bag for women features mini solar panels on its outer surface that collects the sun rays and transforms it into usable energy to power up your gadgets of daily use. This solar bag can charge at max 5 gadget and devices simultaneously.

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Developers Warm to Small-Scale Geothermal

Ground Source Heat Pumps(GSHPs), and their application in geothermal heat extraction, have matured as a technology in recent years. But their take-up varies widely in Europe from country to country. Climatic and geological conditions differ a great deal, and economic circumstances and traditional construction methods are wildly dissimilar.

At the recent Ground Source Live! Conference in Peterborough, UK, Philippe Dumas, manager of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), attempted to identify some of the reasons why countries such as Germany and Sweden lead the league table of developers, while those of the Baltic states, for example, lag considerably behind. Yet even in those countries that were quick to seize the initiative,

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Superconductivity Can Boost Wind Energy – Efficiency

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Due to continuous improvement in the associated technology and configuration techniques, will increase the chances of the USA to stay on top as far as wind power is concerned. Furthermore, it is also strongly expected that cost of the power generation will also be reduced significantly.

For honouring the recent development of superconducting drive generator to work with wind power generation turbines, Argone National Laboratory and its associate Advanced Magnet Lab, Florida received an award.

Global energy costs and associate environmental hazards are forcing USA to come up with a new strategy on fulfilling its power requirements. This has been planned to be achieved by encouraging local clean and cost effective renewable-energy solutions.

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Intelligent Products: Green Milk Bottles, Thermo-Regulating Clothing

Building shaped like milk bottle

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What if your milk bottle turned green when the milk inside had expired? Imagine your plate could calculate the amount of calories it was holding. Or that your clothing recognised the temperature and adapted accordingly, to keep you cool when it was hot and warm when it was cold.

You may recognise these ideas from a series of TV adverts by Sasol, which were aired in 2004. At the time, Sasol’s aim was to show their company philosophy and tendency to think “why not?” by suggesting how ideas could be combined with science to produce innovative products. Since it’s been seven years since the adverts were aired, I thought to myself: has anyone tried to make any of these futuristic, intelligent products?

In the case of the thermo-regulating clothing, that would be a ‘yes’. The Sasol ad suggested that the clothing could vary the amount of air it allows through the fabric in order to warm or cool the wearer. Gore-tex’s Airvantage Insulation Technology attempts to do this – but wearer inflates or deflates the clothing depending on the temperature.

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Top 10 Green Building Products

Sustainable Industries Magazine recently introduced its winners of the sixth annual Top 10 Green Building Products award. The winners were chosen by an expert panel of judges from more than 100 entries based upon design aesthetic, environmental performance, innovativeness, scalability/market impact, as well as value and compatibility using the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system. “The green building industry has seen unprecedented growth and change in the six years that Sustainable Industries has produced the Top 10 Green Building Products awards. This year’s winners reflect the diversity of exciting opportunities in the green building space,” says Brian Back, Founding Editor & Publisher of Sustainable Industries. Selected winners are as follows:

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