You Say You Want a Resolution


Just think, if everyone made a green resolution this year, we actually would be able to change the world.

It’s the end of the year as we know it (the end of the world is apparently 12 short months away). But let’s just assume that the world isn’t going to end next December. If that’s the case, and we’re going to be around a little while longer, then it probably would behoove us to take better care of the planet. So why not ignore that perennially-failed weight loss resolution and try out a green (yet simple) resolution this year?

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Green Cars


Contributor: Jim Motavalli

What an interesting year for the auto industry! I certainly wasn’t bored as I ran around covering the dramatic events, which included the Japanese tsunami, a whole bunch of electric and hybrid rollouts, consolidation in the industry (the death of Saab and Aptera), controversy over government loans (to Fisker and Tesla, among others), the federal fuel economy standard of 54.5 mpg by 2025, and a cautiously optimistic sales year.

I had fun driving a bunch of the new cars, from the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf to the Tesla Roadster, the Buick LaCrosse and the Ford Focus. What’s in my driveway now? Why, none other than a pre-production 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid(left), a revamped vehicle that lets you pilot a pretty roomy family sedan and still claim 40 mpg around town and 38 on the highway. Come to think of it, that’s essentially the selling point of the LaCrosse, too.

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ZINC-AIR BATTERIES: THE Solution For Utility-Scale Energy Storage?

Guest Post by Mathias Maehlum



We expect to see a steady increase of both solar and wind energy in the coming years, part of the solution to cut our dependence on non-renewable and polluting energy sources. However, we face several challenges when it comes implementing solar panels and wind turbines on utility scales.

Both solar and wind are highly unpredictable sources of energy. Imagine days without wind and sun. How would you provide a stable stream of energy to satisfy the demand? The simply answer is to store the energy from good days where the amount of electricity generated actually exceeds the consumption. In reality, this is incredible hard.

Energy efficiency and costs are crucial when it comes energy storage. We want to be able to get as much useful energy out compared to the energy we put in, without having to repair or replace the storage system too often. In addition to this, frequency and speed of charge and discharge, as well as lifetime, are factors that all should be considered. Read more »

Green New Years Resolutions



As the New Year is quickly approaching some of us are pondering what our next failed attempt at a resolution will be. So many times I see people make resolutions and quickly break them days, weeks, or months later, but the beauty of the New Year’s Resolution is that it’s more of a reminder for us to try to correct something in our lives or accomplish a great task. It’s never silly to have goals put in place.

Writing them down and making a promise to honor them only solidifies the true meaning of the word “goal” whether it be long term or short term. Despite if we fail or not, the important thing is we try and not get down on ourselves if we indeed do fail. So what are some great resolution ideas for this next year that are not so traditional? I’ve put together a list of “green resolutions” that you may want to take a crack at. Each idea was derived from some of our favorite blog postings over the years.

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Top Ten Simple Tips to Save Water

?esky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable

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Guest Post By Rebecca Jones

Life without water is unimaginable. However, there are many places around the world, which deal with a continuous scarcity of water. If we do not use water carefully, soon there will be a time when the whole world will be facing water problems. In order to protect the environment, it is very essential to conserve water. It is not that we must not use water at all, but we should take care to avoid its wastage. We can reduce our water wastage and save our ecosystem in several ways. Read below to know ten simple ways that can help you in water conservation.
1. Take short showers
The longer we shower, the more water will be wasted. Therefore, take a quick shower and do not waste water unnecessarily. You can also install a showerhead with a low flow. Turn off the shower when not using the water so that the water does not keep flowing uselessly. This will reduce your water usage to one-third of what you used earlier.
2. Check for any leakage
If there is any leakage in your bathroom, toilet or taps, get it fixed immediately. Leakage may cause lots of water wastage. Even a small drip can waste around 20 gallons of water each day! Always keep an eye on every leakage in your house so that you repair it as soon as possible. Installation of a water meter can also help you to detect any leakage in your house. Read more »