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Graphene Layer Lets Solar Panels Generate Energy From Raindrops

BY: KESAVAN UNNIKRISHNAN Researchers in China have developed Graphene solar panels that can generate energy from raindrops. The solar panels with a respectable 6.53 percent solar-to-electric conversion efficiency allows generation of power during periods of clouds and rain. The team of researchers from the Ocean University of China in Qingdao and Yunnan Normal University in Kunming […]

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Scientists Use Solar Power to Produce Hydrogen from Biomass

By: Anmar Frangoul Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a technique that uses solar power to produce clean hydrogen from biomass. In a news release on Tuesday the university said that up until now lignocellulose – the main component of plant biomass – had only been converted into hydrogen via a gasification process that […]

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Solar for Farms on the Horizon

By: James Risdon Capitalizing on low cost, rebate programs, company hopeful for panels to catch on Big solar-power systems for farms could be a reality in Nova Scotia as early as next year, says a spokeswoman for a Kentville-based company. “They would be anywhere from 50-100 kilowatts . . . for large farms,” said Amanda Brulé, […]

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SolSol’s Baseball Hat can Charge Your Phone Using Solar Power

And dad caps are coming soon. By: Edgar Alvarez Solar technology is still far from becoming ordinary, but we’re seeing more and more of it make its way to consumer products. And now that includes hats. SolSol, a startup from Los Angeles, made a baseball cap that has a small solar panel built into its […]

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New Research Could Turn Water Into the Fuel of Tomorrow

By: Dom Galeon WATER FOR FUEL Over the past decades, fossil fuels have become the backbone of the world’s industries. They have also been the number one cause of man-made climate change. Fortunately, things are beginning to change, as fossil fuels are on the decline thanks to the rise of renewable energy sources. An alternative energy source […]

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