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Smart Windows Could Combine Solar Panels and TVs Too

By: Kerry Rippy Imagine standing in front of a wall of windows, surveying the view. You hear someone enter the room behind you. You turn. “Welcome,” you say. “Here is the video I wanted to show you.” At the press of a button, the view vanishes and the windows transform into a high-definition TV screen. […]

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Austin Should Lead the Way For Next Wave of Renewable Energy

By Paul Robbins Wind power and solar cells may seem like best friends to environmentalists, but in a very real sense, they are “fair weather friends.” Most Austinites remember waking up to the bitterly cold morning of Jan. 17, when temperatures plummeted to 18 degrees. Austin’s utility hit a new winter demand record. When this occurred, […]

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Walking on Sunshine: The Pavements that Generate Solar Energy

By: Kenneth Macdonald The organisers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are backing a Scottish-based project that will have fans walking on sunshine. The international team, led from Glasgow Caledonian University, is creating pavements that gather energy from the sun. In a laboratory in Glasgow sits evidence that one Scottish-based team has already qualified […]

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10 Hacks For An Instantly Greener Home

From fixing leaks and buying locally produced food to choosing a cleaner energy supplier, these little changes will go a long way to making your household more sustainable – and save money too. Some of these are things your parents shouted at you for decades ago, others hadn’t been invented yet, but all of them […]

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California to Become First U.S. State Mandating Solar On New Homes

By: Jeff Collins For seven years, a handful of homebuilders offered solar as an optional item to buyers willing to pay extra to go green. Now, California is on the verge of making solar standard on virtually every new home built in the Golden State. The California Energy Commission is scheduled to vote Wednesday, May […]

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