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Wind, Solar Power Output To Surge

Wind and solar energy will account for about 50 percent of the total power produced in the world by 2050, aided largely by lower production costs, with China leading the revolution, a new report said. According to the report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, China will be at the forefront of the increased generation of […]

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Green Energy Is The Future, According To New Report

The UK should seize a ‘golden opportunity’ to move away from fossil fuels, towards cheaper, greener energy sources, according to a new report, published by the National Infrastructure Commission. The National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA) is the first long term view of the UK’s infrastructure needs, and is underpinned by analysis produced by a consortium of the UK’s leading […]

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Designing A ‘Solar Tarp,’ A Foldable, Packable Way To Generate Power From The Sun

By: Darren Lipomi The energy-generating potential of solar panels – and a key limitation on their use – is a result of what they’re made of. Panels made of silicon are declining in price such that in some locations they can provide electricity that costs about the same as power from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. […]

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Book-Sized Solar Panels Could Power A Whole Home In New Breakthrough

By: Colm Gorey In our efforts to make solar panels even more efficient, a team of scientists has found a way of funnelling the sun’s power. The technology around solar power is experiencing a major boom at the moment, with it now increasingly becoming cheaper to run than traditional fossil fuel energy sources in some […]

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Power To The Pupils: Solar Panels Keep Kenya’s Kids In School

Mihingoni is one of eight mostly off-grid primary schools in the southeastern coastal county of Kilifi that have been fitted with a solar array. New Delhi: From a mile away, the roof of Mihingoni Primary School glitters in Kenya’s midday sun. The effect, though, comes not from the roof but from what is on it: […]

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