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Okanagan Wind Farm Up and Running

By: Kimberly Davidson After many years of development, and nine months of heavy lifting, the 10 Sevion 3.2 M114 CCV wind turbines are now providing power to the province’s electricity grid. The Pennask project is located just west of Pennask Summit, north of Highway 97C and the Shinish Creek project is located 30 kilometres west […]

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Solar Panels to Help Cut Office Tower’s Energy Costs by 80 Per Cent

‘Edmonton has a great amount of sunlight. The panels get sunlight the entire day.’ A narrow building on a single lot across from MacEwan University is in the architectural limelight for its innovative, energy-efficient design. Dubbed the Edge, the 10-storey office tower on 107th Street and 104th Avenue has a south-facing wall with 500 solar […]

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Roadside Revolution in ‘Green’ Energy

By: Alastair Dalton Roadside mini wind turbines will both generate power and absorb pollution under plans by a Scottish-based entrepreneur. Sanwal Muneer has already set his sights on using the technology for lighting the Forth Road Bridge and road signs. The device works by converting air turbulence from passing vehicles into electrical energy, which is […]

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Tiny Scottish Island Running Almost Entirely on Renewable Energy

Managed and maintained by the citizens themselves. By: David Nield If you want a template for making renewable energy work in the here and now, look no further than the Scottish island of Eigg, which is powered almost completely by wind, solar, and hydro technology. The off-grid electricity system on this 30-square-kilometre (12-square-mile) island has […]

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The King of Beers Joins the Renewable Energy Bandwagon

Another giant corporation makes a commitment to get 100% of its electricity from renewable energy. By: Travis Hoium As politicians and interest groups debate the future of climate change policies and renewable energy mandates across the country, a big power in the world of energy is making its strategy well-known. The business community has made […]

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