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Ugandan mayor: My district will be 100% renewable by 2020

The mayor of Kasese’s ambitious plan for his region’s renewables programme aims to improve living standards and public health My desire to set a 100% renewable by 2020 goal was strongly motivated by the alarming climate-induced degradation of the snowcapped Rwenzori mountains, from which the communities here derive their livelihood, water supply and identity. The […]

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There’s a Place in the World That Is Fighting Poverty with Solar Power

By Tim McDonnell Lusela Murandika just wants to be able to watch the evening news. The 76-year-old farmer lives in Kanyala village in northern Tanzania, 60 miles from the nearest town that’s connected to the electric grid. For years, he’s powered a tiny TV set in the dim sitting room of his concrete house here […]

South Africa’s interesting and innovative renewable energy policy

Africa is certainly the continent which has paid the higher price for the exploitation of nonrenewable resources (like oil and fossil fuels), in term of political instability, internal conflicts and pollution. To the other hand Africa is also the most sunny continent on earth and it could strongly benefit and profit by the adoption of […]

3D-printed wind turbine puts 300W of power in your backpack

by Jon Fingas For the most part, portable energy generators are intended for modest uses. They can charge your phone, but they won’t drive high-powered laptops or small appliances. That might change if Omni3D gets its crowdfunded AirEnergy 3D off the ground. The 3D-printed wind turbine should fit into a backpack, yet produce up to […]

This solar-powered electric grid is changing the lives of 5,000 island-dwelling Africans

What if an entire isolated community received all of its power needs from the sun? A remote island off of Africa is about to find out – and the project could be a game changer for solar. “Ninety-nine percent of solar projects have solar panels dumping [all of their power] into the grid,” Darren Hammell […]