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Floating Fish Farms

Traditional fish farms have environmental issues because of their ultra-concentration of fish, so now a Hawaiian company has come up with a solution that involves a 22-foot floating “Aquapod” that contains the fish while it floats in open ocean…and the environmental impact is zero! Courtesy: Tweet

10 Green Christmas Tree Alternatives to Make Your Holiday Shine

Courtesy: Tis the season to start decorating the house with holiday cheer – but did you know you can get your family into a festive mood without having to chop down any Christmas trees? Instead, try a gorgeous alternative tree made from recycled cardboard, sustainable wood, or even LED lights! Your kids will love the […]

Merry Christmas

Image via Wikipedia Best Wishes of the Season to one and all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Remember to recycle your wrapping paper and if you have a real Christmas tree, take it to be chipped. Image by Getty Images via Daylife Have a Green Christmas Image via Wikipedia Tweet