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Michigan Thinks Burning Tires Counts as Renewable Energy

By Kate Abbey-Lambertz A Michigan bill aims to classify fuel made by burning tires and hazardous industrial waste as renewable energy, but environmentalists say that’s setting a dangerous precedent. Under the state’s Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act of 2008, Michigan utility companies are required to derive 10 percent of their energy from sources like […]

How To Power California With Wind, Wave, & Solar Energy

By Joshua S Hill With a population of over 38 million and rising, California has often been deemed of sufficient size to almost be considered a nation-state of its own. The Golden State’s GDP is on par with many countries, and the state has also been a global leader in renewable energy — often standing […]

New Technology for Affordable Green Eco-Friendly Ocean Shipping

An important collaboration is afoot that is likely to have significant impact on the international shipping industry. Researchers at the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC) teamed up with the Tai Chong Cheang (TCC) Institute for Emissions Reduction in Marine Diesel Engines in Hong Kong. With TCC funding, USC engineers […]

5 Ways to Combat Indoor Air Pollution

GUEST POST We regularly hear about the dangers of air pollution and all of the negative effects it can have on our health, and we typically tend to associate that with outdoor air pollution. However air pollution isn’t constricted to outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution is just as big of a threat – […]