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Germany breaks 3 solar power records in 2 weeks

By Zachary Shahan Despite being quite a grey country, with average solar irradiation levels worse than even the US Northwest and Alaska, Germany is the world’s solar power leader. In the past couple of weeks, it just broke another three records. On June 6, between 1pm and 2pm, solar power output rose to a record […]

World’s Highest Wind Turbine Will Hover Above Alaska

By Katherine Tweed The title for world’s largest wind turbine is constantly up for grabs as manufacturers build higher and bigger to capture more energy from the passing air. One turbine in Alaska, however, will now spin high above the rest. Altaeros Energies will launch its high-altitude floating wind turbine south of Fairbanks to bring […]

‘Fire Ice’ – The New Source Of Green Energy? Japan Certainly Seems To Think So

Imagine lighting a fire to a hard-packed snowball or the mud deep inside the ocean bed. While that may sound impossible, it is not only feasible, but the government of Japan believes that they can use this energy to fuel the entire country, for at least a decade. As you have probably guessed the ice […]