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These Microscopic Glass Shells are Supercharging Solar Power

Deep beneath the sea, algae trap light by growing tiny glass shells. Now a Swedish startup is turning them into super-efficient solar panels By: Liz Longden Where does the future of energy lie? For Sofie Allert, it’s in the freezing depths of the Nordic oceans – where she harvests algae that can supercharge solar panels. Allert […]

AlgaeBulb Brings New Meaning To ‘Green Power’

by Beth Buczynski Not content with CFLs or LEDs? Looking for an even greener way to light up your life? Hungarian designer Gyula Bodonyi’s “AlgaeBulb” concept might be right up your alley. Algae has huge potential as a source of green energy, but up until now, using it required a fairly big facility and lots […]

Algae Biofuel: Is It Viable?

Guest Post Research into algae biofuels is progressing in leaps and bounds. Many are predicting that algae biofuels will be the way of the future, eventually replacing the fossil fuels that have powered our society for the last few hundred years. But just how viable are algae biofuels, and how soon can we expect them […]

ExxonMobil Investing In Algae Energy

ExxonMobil Investing In Algae Energy ExxonMobil Investing In Algae Energy. Posted on February 5, 2010 by Craig Baird. Algae. ExxonMobil is known for being a big oil company and that often gives them a bad rap. ExxonMobil is also known for the worst oil spill in history, … Image by Lee Nachtigal via Flickr Tweet

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Green Energy – Algae

Image by eustatic via Flickr Algae adds another choice for Green Energy. Related articles on Algae Bullish on algae biofuels: Q&A with Aurora chairman Jim Long ( Tweet

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