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Solar Power Today and its Potential for the Future

By: Peter D. Rosenstein Solar power, once called the energy of the future, is actually the energy of today. This week in Anaheim California, Solar Power International (SPI), the largest solar power trade show in North America, will host 15,000 attendees with over 600 exhibitors to talk about solar energy. One indication of how the […]

Scientists solve solar energy’s burning question: how to make it cheaper than fossil fuels

By: Daniel Cooper In a fight between solar and fossil fuels, the latter has always had a killer question up its sleeve: “What about supercritical steam?” That’s the method by which the most advanced power stations generate electricity, superheating water until it instantly becomes steam, a feat that’s only possible (and affordable) by burning coal […]

AGL Solar Energy

It was announced in December 2013 that AGL Solar Energy had finally managed to bridge the gap between government funding and private financial backing to begin work on what will be the largest solar PV plant in the Southern Hemisphere. This news comes after several years and problems of securing financial backing needed to gain […]