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Solar-Powered ATMs Bring Clean Water to India’s Slums

Smart solar-powered “water ATMs” have become a growing source of clean water for rural villagers in India. Now the ATM franchise aims to extend services into India’s urban slums where women and girls typically spend hours waiting for tanker trucks to deliver fresh water. The Sarvajal organization has built a franchised network of its “water […]

Old Phone In, Cash Out: ecoATM’s

With all the new models of phones and pads being introduced every day, here comes ecoATM: put in your old phone and it’ll analyze it, find it a new home or recycle the components, determine a valu… and offer you cash for your trouble! Courtesy: Tweet

Selling Solar Power in India’s Slums

It’s a little after sundown, and Arun Kumar is hawking his wares in the neighborhood for the first time. He’s selling a light, just a small half-circle tied to a three-inch wide solar panel. An older man tests it in his home, a tiny hut of tarp and tin built like the 30 others in […]

Solar-Powered ATM Machines Expand Banking Options in Rural India

For many villagers in rural areas of India, personal banking comes at a high cost. In addition to the expense of traveling to the nearest branch, often in distant cities, they must often forego a day’s work. Vortex Engineering, a start-up incubated at Chennai’s Indian Institute of Technology, has come up with a solution that […]