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Could Solar Cars Enter the Mainstream?

The concept of using solar power to fuel a car is nothing new, but at the moment most automakers view solar cars as little more than a novelty. The concepts which have come to fruition require the entire body of the car to be a massive solar panel, which can lead to quirky designs more […]

BMW’s Eco Technology Advancing Even More

  BMW’s technology is at the highest level when comparing the rest of the worldwide automotive industry. They already attract their target market with the great amount of technology what goes into their cars, from their electric windows to the engine.   BMW are now working on ways to make their eco technology that bit […]

Green Car With Style

VW Pholeum – Green Car With Style These motors are fed on hydrogen fuel cell technology, the next ‘future fuel’, which will generate enough energy to run the car. The design, structure and technology conceptualized for this automotive piece has a promising feel about it … Tweet