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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: energy from toilets, Legoland Florida and 6K tons of pistachios

Earth week is coming to a close, and to mark the occasion, Inhabitat showcased 14 awe-inspiring aerial photos of the Earth and 14 photos that remind us how important it is to protect the planet we live on. The week was also met with a bit of good news, as a report surfaced stating that […]

Arizona wind farm to produce 500MW, power 175,000 homes

Like hydroelectric, geothermal, and other green energy sources, wind does not work everywhere. Wind energy exploits,not a natural resource, but a natural feature, and has very few negative side-effects. The only real problem with wind is its relatively low power output, on the order of 1-3 megawatts per turbine. To generate substantial amounts of power […]

The New New Hydropower: Small-Scale Turbines have Big Potential

Engineer Jim Styner with the Hydrovolts test turbine. Canals are ecologically barren channels built for the utilitarian purpose of draining rainwater and snowmelt away from rivers and delivering it to farmers, factories, and homes. But something unusual has been lurking in an irrigation canal in rural Washington that promises to turn these concrete water conveyors […]

GridFox™ Clean Energy Technology Now Powering Homes

GridFox™ Clean Energy Technology Now Powering Homes, Businesses in … Breakthrough clean energy technology now in place in southeastern Kentucky will be celebrated at an open house in June, as Jackson Energy and Wellhead Energy Systems LLC announce a partnership to provide alternative energy resources to … Tweet

The Clean Energy Economy is the New Space Race

The Clean Energy Economy is the New Space Race | The Energy Collective The Smart Grid is the critical infrastructure for a clean energy economy that delivers energy security, reduced carbon emissions, and opportunities for consumers to manage and even produce their own electricity. A clean energy economy … Tweet