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Queensland installs Australia’s first Powerwall battery for Solar Trial

Energex, which is owned by the state government, launches a 12-month trial of solar batteries to investigate ways to integrate them into electricity supply A Queensland government-owned power company has installed the country’s first solar battery storage system from Tesla as it begins a year-long trial into how it can reward consumers who cut their […]

Enphase plug-and-play solar energy storage system to begin pilot program

By: Lynda Delacey An interesting new player is set to enter the emerging home energy storage arena in the shape of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. Enphase is billed as the world’s first integrated system that allows home users to store, monitor and manage their rooftop-generated solar electricity, while controlling their overall electricity consumption. The […]

Grain Of Sand Sized Batteries

Batteries in electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller. Are you ready for a battery that’s the size of a grain of sand? Courtesy: Tweet

Flexible solar-powered battery can be woven into clothing to power wearable electronics

Smartwatches and glasses are part of the exciting emerging class of electronics known as wearables, but, as electronics, they still need to be removed from the wearer’s body from time to time for charging. A team of researchers from South Korea set out to create a battery that could be embedded and clothes and solar […]

The Most Interesting Eco Gadgets

  Everyday household items have been redesigned in order to cut production costs and overall price of these items, while still saving the environment as well. I have put together a list of some of my favourite eco-friendly gadgets. The USB rechargeable batteries So every household, no matter where or what size it is, uses […]