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From Dirt-Cheap Panels to Charging Your Car with the Sun: 3 Solar Trends

Experts show off the future of solar at North America’s largest solar trade show By: Kim Brunhuber The exhibition floor seems virtually endless. With 600 vendors and almost 18,000 visitors, the size of the solar power trade show in Las Vegas gives you an idea of just how big the American solar industry is becoming. In 2015 it was worth almost $23 billion US. […]

Renewable Energy from Evaporating Water

New clean energy source produces electricity, could power robots, sensors, vehicles An immensely powerful yet invisible force pulls water from Earth to the top of the tallest redwood and delivers snow to the tops of the Himalayas. Yet despite the power of evaporating water, its potential to propel self-sufficient devices or produce electricity has remained […]

An All-Liquid Battery For Storing Solar And Wind Energy

Making alternative energy cheaper and more reliable By Francie Diep You could call it a rainy-day fund. A team of MIT researchers has built an all-liquid battery prototype that’s designed to store excess energy from solar and wind power plants. When the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing, future versions of this battery could […]

Storing the Sun

By Kevin Bullis | Photographs by Ken Richardson on February 18, 2014 Aquion manufactures cheap, long-lasting batteries for storing renewable energy. A new kind of battery invented by Jay Whitacre, a professor of materials science at Carnegie Mellon University and founder of the startup Aquion Energy, could make renewable electricity more practical and economical around […]

Cheap Batteries for Backup Renewable Energy

A battery made of cheap materials could store power when it’s windy for use when it’s not. Investors recently chipped in $15 million to fund battery startup EOS Energy Storage, a company that says its batteries could eventually compete with natural-gas power plants to provide power during times of peak demand. Cheap energy storage is […]