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Vector offers free solar + Tesla storage systems to NZ consumers

By Sophie Vorrath New Zealand’s solar plus storage market is set to get another kick start, with the announcement of a new initiative offering more than 100 free solar and battery storage systems to select NZ consumers, community groups and schools. The initiative, launched on Monday by NZ network operator Vector, offers free use of […]

UNplug solar controller aims to help you take your fridge off the grid

By: Derek Markham Where’s the middle ground between having a small solar charger for your gadgets, and having a rooftop solar array capable of powering your entire house? The UNplug might know. Solar energy is rapidly becoming a viable option for many homes and businesses, and every week seems to bring news of another new […]

This Indian solar power plant will = almost all of the solar power installed in the US in 2010

By: Zachary Shahan The Indian solar power market is heating up, really heating up. As I wrote in November, the Indian government is aiming to invest $1 billion into renewable energy in the coming few years, and it has raised its 2022 solar power capacity target from 22 gigawatts to 100 gigawatts. That would be […]

An All-Liquid Battery For Storing Solar And Wind Energy

Making alternative energy cheaper and more reliable By Francie Diep You could call it a rainy-day fund. A team of MIT researchers has built an all-liquid battery prototype that’s designed to store excess energy from solar and wind power plants. When the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing, future versions of this battery could […]

Solar Power Could Be A Total Game-Changer

It’s very easy to hype solar, which we’ve been doing for much of the year. Capacity is irrefutably going up, and prices are collapsing. However, the absolute capacity figures remain relatively low compared with conventional generation. And in most cases, even large-scale solar is still not cost competitive with traditional sources of electricity. There’s basically […]