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O’Sun Nomad Solar Lamp Concept Design

Photo Courtesy: Belgian Designer Alain Gilles has come up with an interesting solar lamp concept called O’Sun Nomad Solar Lamp. This solar lamp is using a LED lamp for energy efficiently, while the solar lamp is rechargeable via AC outlet or expose the lamp directly to the sun for recharge. No idea how long […]

World’s Most Powerful Offshore Turbine Catches Wind Gusts Two Soccer Fields Wide

While it may not be the overall most-powerful wind turbine ever built, the multi-megawatt monstrosity that has just been installed off the coast of Belgium is certainly the most powerful to ever be caressed by a sea breeze. The turbine, with a rated capacity of 6.15 megawatts, is part of a 48-turbine expansion at the […]

Europe’s first solar powered train tunnel

Europe’s first solar powered train tunnel goes live on Belgian … The train ride from Paris to Amsterdam may not be the most scenic of European railway routes, but it’s the only one capable of harnessing the awesome power of the Sun — for two miles, at least. Yesterday, engineers in Belgium officially switched on […]