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How Utilities can Adapt when Big-Box Retailers Go Solar

The electric utility industry faces the risk of declining revenues as more customers install solar panels on their homes and businesses. Solar power currently supplies 2 percent of the country’s electricity needs, and is projected to grow to 16 percent by 2020. In 2013, solar panel prices for commercial installations fell 15.6 percent, from $4.64/watt […]

How to Have a “Green” Halloween

Plastic decorations, candy wrappers, and costumes can lead to a significant increase in household waste at this time of year. Next to christmas halloween is the second biggest holiday for retailers. We dont think that you should skip out on the fun of Halloween but here are some helpful tips on how to keep your […]

Celebrate a Green(er) Back-to-School

If a family can do only one thing to go green in terms of back to school, what should that one thing be? When it comes to shopping for school supplies, instead of automatically heading to the big box store, stop and think about alternatives… Read more: Back-to-School Tweet