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Coffee grounds could be used to make biodiesel says Bath University

By Robin Whitlock A new research study conducted by Bath University in the UK has found that oil can be extracted from coffee grounds and then subsequently transformed into biodiesel. The study, recently published in the ACS Journal Energy & Fuels, explains how the oil can be extracted by soaking the coffee grounds in an […]

Roadtrek Adds Solar Power, Biodiesel to Its RV Lineup

I’ve maintained for a while now that the best way to convince someone that nature is worth preserving is to get them out into it. It seems like the people at Roadtrek agree- and they’re going a step further by offering a new B+ class motorhome that not only uses recycled materials in its construction, […]

Fuels of the Future

Guest Post Petrol prices are increasing and the supply of our natural resources decreasing, not a good combination. Luckily for us though, ‘the Scientists’ have been hard at work coming up with a solution to our little conundrum. So, what does the future of fuel hold for our vehicles? We’ve taken a look at the […]

Algae Biofuel: Is It Viable?

Guest Post Research into algae biofuels is progressing in leaps and bounds. Many are predicting that algae biofuels will be the way of the future, eventually replacing the fossil fuels that have powered our society for the last few hundred years. But just how viable are algae biofuels, and how soon can we expect them […]

Advancements in Renewable Energy

Guest Post By Jessica Meyer Biodiesel fuel has been slowly replacing petroleum fuels as an alternative choice for eco-friendly consumers. However, biodiesel fuel has an efficiency problem in colder temperatures. When the ambient temperature lowers, biodiesel crystallization occurs, causing the fuel to clog in the fuel filter of the vehicle. This has been the largest […]