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Bioenergy at the Centre of EU Renewable Energy Policy

Bioenergy has to be an essential part of the EU energy mix for at least the next 30 years. Without it, the commitment to a 1.5°C global warming target will be very hard, if not impossible to achieve, argue a group of scientists. The following op-ed was signed by a group of scientists (full list […]

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Can Green Gas Help Us Meet Energy Targets?

The need to make the transition to a low-carbon economy means using all the renewable technologies in our toolbox. While wind and solar power often gain the most attention, and investment, it’s important to recognise the potential contribution from all sources, including bioenergy. For example, anaerobic digestion (AD) plants across the UK already have enough capacity […]

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Pennsylvania school receives $500,000 grant for biomass boiler

By Katie Fletcher   In late October, $12.5 million in Pennsylvania Energy Department Authority grants were awarded to 28 local governments, schools and businesses for alternative and clean energy projects, including projects deploying various technologies such as biogas, solar energy, hydropower, biomass and more. The West Branch Area School District in Clearfield County Pennsylvania is […]

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The Latest in Biomass Energy

Recent Bioenergy advancements include: * converting wastes such as restaurant grease to high-quality diesel fuels * diesel blending stocks that can operate at low temperatures * techniques for combustion of difficult, high ash, low melting point agricultural residues * a “Super-7” set of guidelines for improving industrial boiler efficiency and reducing emissions * anaerobic digestion […]

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