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Cornell Engineers Transform Food Waste into Green Energy

By: Blaine Friedlander In a classic tale of turning trash into treasure, two different processes soon may be the favored dynamic duo to turn food waste into green energy, according to a new Cornell-led study in the journal Bioresource Technology. “Food waste should have a high value. We’re treating it as a resource, and we’re […]

Turning Human Waste into next Generation Biofuel

Researchers affiliated with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea, have found a new way to convert human waste into renewable energy sources. A brand new outdoor laboratory has been recently launched at UNIST and this is expected to convert human waste into renewable energy sources, and possible to a monetary value. […]

Coffee grounds could be used to make biodiesel says Bath University

By Robin Whitlock A new research study conducted by Bath University in the UK has found that oil can be extracted from coffee grounds and then subsequently transformed into biodiesel. The study, recently published in the ACS Journal Energy & Fuels, explains how the oil can be extracted by soaking the coffee grounds in an […]

The Advantages of a Biomass District Heating

There is a good chance that biomass district heating will provide many benefits. This is especially true when compared to traditional fossil fuels. If you live or operate on large property grounds, the benefits are even greater. Let’s go through the obvious and not-so obvious advantages of using such a scheme.   Fuel cost savings […]

Big News In Panda Poop!

One of the big stumbling blocks to using biofuels has been the difficulty in breaking down tough, woody cellulose in stalks and leaves…but a microbe found in panda poop may be the key to making energy from raw plant materials. Courtesy: Tweet