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BMW i3 wins 2015 Green Car of the Year award

Beats Out CNG, Hybrid And High-Efficiency Gas Finalists Sebastian Blanco The popular little BMW i3 (popular in the US, at least) was named the 2015 Green Car of the Year at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. The award doesn’t just take into account a car’s green credentials but also its “availability to the mass […]

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Pssst, Wanna Buy A Free Solar Powered Carport?

by Tina Casey Actually, make that a net-negative solar powered carport. The solar financing company Demeter has just teamed up with the Clinton Global Initiative’s US branch to offer a first-of-its kind “game changing” deal that essentially results in a free solar carport. To give you an idea of how much this is expected to […]

BMW Solar-Powered Bamboo & Carbon Fiber Charging Port

BMW Solar-Powered Bamboo & Carbon Fiber Charging Port (via Clean Technica) Originally published on Gas2. So you’ve just dropped $135,000 on the brand new BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. Congratulations! But you’re not going to plug that into just any old charging port. Oh no, you need something classy, expensive, and of course,… Tweet

BMW offers solar panel packages for i3 buyers’ homes through SOLARWATT

For many early electric car owners, powering their vehicle using solar power is the ultimate goal. Smartly, BMW has recognized the pleasure derived from powering one’s EV from solar-generated electricity. Accordingly, the German automaker has teamed up with solar power company SOLARWATT to supply BMW EV buyers with rooftop photovoltaic solutions, for a nominal fee. […]

BMW’s Eco Technology Advancing Even More

  BMW’s technology is at the highest level when comparing the rest of the worldwide automotive industry. They already attract their target market with the great amount of technology what goes into their cars, from their electric windows to the engine.   BMW are now working on ways to make their eco technology that bit […]