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Boston Is Getting Solar-Powered Smart Benches in Its Parks

By: Jamie Condliffe The next park bench you sit on may be smarter than you think. Boston is rolling out new smart benches to parks around the city, which will use solar power to allow anyone to charge their phone on the go and record data about their surroundings at the same time. The benches, […]

Kroger Converts Food Waste into Renewable Energy

When a company produces 150 tons of food waste every day that is either a huge problem or a great opportunity to innovate and produce energy. Kroger’s food divisions, Ralphs and Food 4 Less, opted for the latter. Recently the food would get trucked to a distribution center in Compton, CA, where it was combined […]

The Future of Solar and Wind Powered Shipping

Solar and wind power could reduce fossil fuel consumption in shipping. People like to build solar whatnots, even if they don’t make much practical sense. Solar cars. Solar planes. This week I stepped aboard the world’s largest solar-powered ship, a 100-metric-ton catamaran that, last year, motored around the world without using any fuel. Now it’s […]

Cheap Solar Comes to Boston

Residents and businesses in Boston can pay less for electricity produced from solar energy than conventional sources, thanks to the Solarize Massachusets (Solarize Mass) program. Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) CEO Alicia Barton McDevitt on Aug. 23 announced that Boston residents will now pay 11 cents per kilowatt-hour as compared to the 15 cents per […]