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Brazil Uses Dammed Lake Surface for Floating Solar Panels

By: Eugenia LOGIURATTO Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil Two decades ago, a section of the Amazon rainforest was flooded for a dam that currently produces little electricity. Engineers now see that artificial lake as an ideal surface for floating solar panels. Critics have blasted the Balbina dam, located near the equator line some 200 kilometers (125 miles) […]

Solar Energy on the Rise As Brazil Diversifies Energy Mix

Solar energy is on the rise in Brazil as the country’s latest national energy auction attracted 400 applications for photovoltaic (PV) plant development.   Brazil’s energy auctions invite all forms of energy development to bid for government power supply contracts. This year is only the second time that solar has been included in the auction […]

Brazil’s FIFA World Cup Highlights Solar Energy, Energy Poverty

(via Solar Love) Brazil’s FIFA World Cup this week will highlight both solar energy and ongoing energy poverty in many countries. Four World Cup stadiums now have 5.4 MW of solar electricity capacity. These include: Belo Horizonte’s Estadio Mineirão (1.4… Tweet

Tasmania commits to 100% renewable electricity by 2020

The Tasmanian Government has launched its strategy to be using renewable energy for 100% of its electricity by 2020 and exporting the surplus, as well as a new interim 2020 target to reduce carbon emissions to 35 per cent below 1990 levels. Tasmania joins the ACT Government which has a 90% renewable electricity target by […]

Forget solar panels, here come building-integrated photovoltaics

Solar panels are becoming passé. Why put solar panels on top of building construction materials when you could just tap the power of the sun directly through the construction materials themselves? Bloomberg reports on the rapid growth in building-integrated photovoltaics, or BIPV. These are solar power–harvesting cells that are incorporated into the walls, roofs, and windows of […]