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Cheap Solar Power—at Night

New solar thermal technologies could address solar power’s intermittency problem. By Kevin Bullis     When the world’s largest solar thermal power plant—in Ivanpah, California—opened earlier this year, it was greeted with skepticism. The power plant is undeniably impressive. A collection of 300,000 mirrors, each the size of a garage door, focus sunlight on three […]

World’s biggest solar plant may pave way for smaller-scale renewable future

Vast desert solar farms helping to meet energy targets but environment and wildlife campaigners raise concerns Tower One glows so bright against the blue sky that even at mid-afternoon in the Mojave Desert it would be easy to conclude it is designed to illuminate the valley floor below. In fact, hundreds of thousands of glittering […]

The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant Is Now Online

After three years and $2.2 billion of construction, California has just flipped the switch for the planet’s largest solar thermal plant—the 392 megawatt Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System. Ivanpah’s 300,000 heliostatic mirrors—they reflect and concentrate light around a central molten salt-filled tower, rather than convert light to electricity like photovoltaics—sit on 3,500 acres of federal […]

A Solution to Solar Power Intermittency

Converting methane to an alternative fuel using energy from the sun could reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. Burning natural gas emits about half as much carbon dioxide as burning coal, but it still produces large amounts of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. A novel device being developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) could reduce […]

A Climb Up the SolarReserve Solar Power Tower

Concentrating solar power with storage is coming soon—but how soon? SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes concentrating solar power (CSP) tower is set to be the tallest in the world at 640 feet. It’s still under construction. “The tower’s foundation has 900,000 pounds of steel reinforcing rods and 4,800 cubic yards of concrete and the tower has 800,000 […]