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Greenest Skyscraper Ever?

It may be the greenest skyscraper ever built, but the most important thing to the people who work in it will be the feeling of sitting on a park bench, enjoying the breeze! Courtesy: Tweet

Seal The Envelope! – Green Build Edition

Our Green Building Edition series kicks off with plenty of good reasons to keep heated or cooled air from escaping outdoors…and your energy dollars from escaping from your wallet. A typical home can leak 40 percent of its internal air, but careful inspection and a good caulk gun can save homeowners some serious money. Courtesy: […]

7 Most Striking Examples of Green Building

Green architecture is the future architecture to tackle the power shortage and to preserve our environment from pollution. Many government and private organizations are coming up with new innovative ideas to boost the green architecture. These buildings will feed on renewable sources for energy and will cut down the carbon emission in huge amount. Since […]

Top 10 Green Building Products

Sustainable Industries Magazine recently introduced its winners of the sixth annual Top 10 Green Building Products award. The winners were chosen by an expert panel of judges from more than 100 entries based upon design aesthetic, environmental performance, innovativeness, scalability/market impact, as well as value and compatibility using the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating […]

Green Building Industry to Hold 20% Share by 2013

      In only a handful of years, green building has moved from obscurity to a significant trend in the global construction market. Canaccord Genuity expects its share of the world construction market to be over 20% by 2013.  Longer-term, they expect green building practices to become the norm in the construction industry. Currently. the US green building market is estimated at  $36 billion […]