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Introducing the UK’s First Green Alternative to Red Diesel

Guest Post We all like to think we’re doing our bit for the environment, and that we’re creating a cleaner world for the future generations. But what can you do if it’s essential for you to burn carbon to get by? Take the construction industry for example, with a lot of different machinery on site […]

To what extent are Businesses willing to go to be Greener?

Guest Post Businesses should be committed to carbon accounting, a process that permits companies to effortlessly record the amount of carbon emissions they emit and rectify it if needed. The firms who wish to improve their carbon footprint are following this process, however most companies are reluctant to practise carbon accounting. From their recent survey, […]

Business Energy Greening

Guest Post by Rhian Farnworth How Your Business can Save Money and Help the Environment Many small and medium enterprises are faced with a struggle for survival in the current economic climate. This is why some managers overlook ways in which to improve business activities and processes in an environmental context. While managers are understandably […]

Green Energy Ideas and Products

Home Energy Saving Products – Green Energy Ideas and Products Go Green at Home and Slash Your Energy Bill. Energy Saving Bulb. I’m sure many of you are searching for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. … Tweet

Use Home Electronic Gadgets the Green Way

Green Computing: How to Use Home Electronic Gadgets the Green Way Simple measures like the above can help lower greenhouse gas emissions from household electronic devices, minimize e-waste, and reduce energy bill. Using gadgets in a green way does not only keep the earth healthy, it also helps save … Tweet