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Sydney Activates New Tesla Battery Storage As Part Of 50% Renewable Energy Goal

By: Steve Hanley The city of Sydney, Australia, has set a goal of obtaining 50% of the electricity it consumes from renewable sources by 2030. As part of that program, it has recently activated a 1,600 solar power installations coupled with a 500 kWh of Tesla Powerpack battery installations, according to the¬†Sydney Morning Herald. The […]

B.C. Company Says It Is Sucking Carbon From Air, Making Fuel

Squamish-based Carbon Engineering developing cost-effective technology to remove carbon from atmosphere By:¬†Bob Weber It sounds like spinning straw into gold: suck carbon dioxide from the air where it’s contributing to climate change and turn it into fuel for cars, trucks and jets. A British Columbia company says in newly published research that it’s doing just […]

Biomass with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)-Too Good to be True??

By: Michael Ryan The solution to decarbonising our future energy demands does not lie with one individual technology. Rather, the solution lies in a portfolio of green technologies. The use of wind, solar and tidal, along with developments in hydrogen fuel cells and next gen batteries, will lessen our dependence on fossil fuels over time. […]

Green Technology – The New Future

There is a new and emerging green movement in the technology space. The sector, which now equates for around 5 percent of the worlds global emissions, is starting to act in regards to its responsibility towards climate change.

With the recent announcement by Apple in relation to

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