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S.Africa Basks in Continent’s First Solar-Powered Airport

By: Beatrice Debut At first glance there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the regional airport in George, a town of just 150,000 residents on South Africa’s south coast. In fact though, the small site is Africa’s first “green” airport to be powered by the sun. The control tower, escalators, check-in desks, baggage carousels, restaurants […]

Want to fight drought? Build Wind Turbines

Renewable energy doesn’t just slow climate change, it saves water too — lots of it. By: Sami Grover As California struggles with the specter of ongoing drought, much has been written about water conservation. From clever ways to conserve water at home to the urgent need to tackle pot’s environmental footprint, there are so many places that we […]

Rooftop Solar Panels Double As Extra Housing For Crowded Cities

In Frankfurt, Germany, a team of students has found a new way to make buildings “climate neutral” without raising rents: Build a new rooftop apartment with each installation. The usual way to add solar power to a building is just to attach some panels to the roof. But a new design goes a step farther […]

University to Build £25m Green Energy Centre

St Andrews University has unveiled plans to build a £25m biomass plant at Guardbridge, Fife. The plant will pump hot water four miles underground to St Andrews to heat and cool its labs and residences. Work is set to start on the Sustainable Power and Research Campus (SPARC) site next year with the Renewable Energy […]