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Street Charge solar powered charging stations in New York

We live in a day and age where having a smartphone is more or less a compulsory device to own, and a tablet is a bonus. The thing is, you would need to keep those gadgets juiced up every day in order to maximize their use, and while I am quite sure that most of […]

‘Solar Express’ lets St. Louis Charge Mobile Phones with Solar Power

By Editors of Electric Light & Power/ POWERGRID International Many in St. Louis are encountering a truck sporting solar panels on the top and front of its raised roof. The “Solar Express” is making the rounds to dozens of community events, helping provide renewable power, along with a little education on solar power. The Solar […]

Innovative EV charging system includes solar power, battery energy storage

You may have seen or used an EV charging station at your local store or shopping center. But if you’re a customer at Clay Terrace in Carmel, Indiana, you can use what developers call a ‘plug-in ecosystem’: a combination of traditional and quick charge EV charging stations connected to a rooftop solar panel and battery […]

GE, UGE Pair Wind Turbines with EV Charging Technology

GE and wind turbine maker Urban Green Energy have installed what they call the world’s first integrated wind-powered charging station for electric vehicles, and announced plans to add more this year in the US for commercial and government customers. The Sanya Skypump, which pairs UGE’s vertical wind turbines with GE’s electric vehicle charging technology, was […]

Sleek Italian-Designed Solar EV Charging Station

Courtesy:   Solar-powered EV charging stations don’t have to be boring or all the same, as a new design from an Italian firm, LumineXence, shows. Called “Lotus”, the solar-EV charging station is designed in the shape of a leaf, incorporates plenty of pleasing green color, and boasts elegant curves and a sophisticated look. Sophisticated […]