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Fireworks to go ‘green’ for New Years holiday

A local firework company is promoting its eco-friendly, low emission fireworks in an effort to cut down pollution over the Chinese Lunar New Year. The fireworks, made to emit less sulphur dioxide, were first tested during Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo and are expected to take up half the wholesale market. Shanghai Daily: Jinqiling, a local […]

Go Green in 2012: Top New Year Resolutions

With New Year 2012 just around the corner, we are all planning to make New Year’s resolutions; lose weight, exercise more, save money…But this time, instead of typical New Year goals that you won’t probably follow, why not make a green resolution?  Small changes can make a huge difference for you and help save the […]

Green New Years Resolutions

  Courtesy: As the New Year is quickly approaching some of us are pondering what our next failed attempt at a resolution will be. So many times I see people make resolutions and quickly break them days, weeks, or months later, but the beauty of the New Year’s Resolution is that it’s more of […]

6 Green Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

6 Green Resolutions The New Year is nearly here, and it’s time to start thinking about those dreaded resolutions. We want you to get this year off on the right foot, so here are some suggestions for super-easy green resolutions that won’t be hard to keep. … Tweet


GREEN NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS CAN SAVE BUSINESSES MONEY Image by ?ß?????»??????? ????« via Flickr Environmental experts at 3e (Consultancy) have drawn up a New Year’s Resolution energy-saving checklist to help businesses with ambitions to cut. Tweet