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Solar Power Today and its Potential for the Future

By: Peter D. Rosenstein Solar power, once called the energy of the future, is actually the energy of today. This week in Anaheim California, Solar Power International (SPI), the largest solar power trade show in North America, will host 15,000 attendees with over 600 exhibitors to talk about solar energy. One indication of how the […]

Basics of Energy Efficient Home Design

Basics of Energy Efficient Home Design | Wind Energy Voice Good house design takes its form in part from the forces that act on it. Climate and weather are two of the strongest form-makers (there are no. Image by krossbow via Flickr Tweet

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Invest in Green

The last energy crisis seems to have had something of a lasting impression on government policy, personal behavior and investment practices. The federal government has targeted billions of dollars of stimulus money for green technology and jobs, while Congress is working on major legislation addressing climate change. State and local governments are forging ahead where […]

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