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Plastic Bottles In Your Pants

With wa-a-ay too many plastic bottles floating around, the Levi-Strauss company took polyester fiber derived from 3.5 million of them, added cotton, and created a new line of jeans they call the WasteLess Collection. Courtesy: Tweet

Mr. Green Jeans

Blue jeans have become a fashion staple all around the world, but the manufacture of denim has also given the world a big environmental hit. Help may be on the way because there’s now a new generation of dyes that eliminate huge amounts of waste and energy… and a surprising amount of water! Courtesy: […]

Flexible Fiber Optic Solar Cells Could be Woven Into Clothing

When you think of a solar cell, you probably picture the big, dark boxy things that adorn rooftops. But the solar cells of the future will look a lot like the incredibly thin fiber above. An international team of bright minds has been working on developing a fiber optic solar cell that is thin, flexible, […]

Why Is Eco-Fashion Important

Photo Courtesy: Since ages, fashion has been one of the most important factors of every civilization. People have devoted their lives to set a new trend and making others look good — or you may say “style in a better way”. It’s a race that everyone wants to win. A parallel race, supported by […]

Green Guide to Making Your Clothing Last

With Earth Day around the corner coupled with a year-round desire to save money, you’re already taking eco-friendly steps in the kitchen and around the home. But did you know that you can be green and save green in your closet, too? The best money-saving move on attire is to stop buying it. Taking care […]