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The Plan to Store Wind Energy In Giant Underwater Air Bubbles

By Sarah Zhang Weather is annoyingly fickle, and so is the wind. If massive offshore wind farms are going to become reality, we need better ways to store the extra energy from windy days for the windless ones. One a bizarre-sounding idea floating around: giant balloons of compressed air stored deep underwater. Like many good […]

Solar Power Could Be A Total Game-Changer

It’s very easy to hype solar, which we’ve been doing for much of the year. Capacity is irrefutably going up, and prices are collapsing. However, the absolute capacity figures remain relatively low compared with conventional generation. And in most cases, even large-scale solar is still not cost competitive with traditional sources of electricity. There’s basically […]

Green Power for the People

Six top green technologies being developed in Canada and abroad 1. Mpower Mini Nuclear Reactor: A modular, light-water reactor system that’s about a third the size of a traditional nuclear power plant. How it works: A self-contained cylindrical unit, equipped with a nuclear core and steam turbine, provides power on a four-year cycle without refuelling. […]

How A Young Physicist Is Making Solar Power Work, Even When The Sun Is Down

Danielle Fong might have dropped out of junior high, but that hasn’t stopped her from finding a way to potentially drastically change how much power we can get from renewable energy. It is not unreasonable to expect that the renewable energy collected by the world’s solar panels and wind farms is being stored somewhere, ready […]