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Siemens Shutters “Solar Power Tower” Business

Ever since the first inkling of a thought by an oil or natural gas industry executive that one day the world might run out of fossil fuel-based resources, he and his research team have been spending billions of dollars, devising ways meters might be attached to renewable energy resources. One of the first and most […]

India Unveils Plans for Massive Concentrated Solar Power

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has approved India’s largest solar project as part of its emissions trading scheme. The Clean Development Mechanism’s (CDM) latest project is a 100MW concentrated solar power (CSP) installation to be constructed in Rajasthan. Despite countless delays in the construction process India-based Reliance Power will complete the […]

A Climb Up the SolarReserve Solar Power Tower

Concentrating solar power with storage is coming soon—but how soon? SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes concentrating solar power (CSP) tower is set to be the tallest in the world at 640 feet. It’s still under construction. “The tower’s foundation has 900,000 pounds of steel reinforcing rods and 4,800 cubic yards of concrete and the tower has 800,000 […]

The First Floating Solar Power Labs Will Be Built in a Swiss Lake by the End of the Year

Two Swiss companies just partnered to sponsor the most the most futuristic science project of the year thus far: floating, solar-powered labs designed to study “the effectiveness of concentrated solar power on water.” By year’s end, the world will have its first three buoyed solar islands. The labs will be launched off the shore of […]

Solar Power Sparks Innovation in Oil-Rich Qatar

Sunshine is abundant in Qatar. All that untapped solar power could create a new energy economy in this oil-rich nation. Researchers are already testing solar-powered cooling systems and water desalination plants. Researcher Nesrin Ozalp slides on a pair of big, black, UV resistant sunglasses and enters her lab in the research facility at Texas A&M […]