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How UPS can Increase the Efficiency of Data Centers?

Guest Post by Dani Kate   There is a common belief that improving the efficiency of a data center UPS system installation can lead to a rise in its running costs. With today’s cutting-edge UPS technologies, however, this does not have to be the case. And one of the best ways to boost data center […]

Saving Energy in the Home

Ever wanted to know how changing the way you cook your potatoes could save you pounds? There are so many ways the average household can be more energy efficient; from being clever with your kettle to shacking up with the nearest willing man or woman, Ovo Energy gives you the low down of our top […]

A ‘Smart Grid’ for Mexico?

(From: Smart Grids Flanders) With regard to Mexico’s energy sector, the incorporation of a smart grid into its current electric system is of extreme importance and it is for this reason that the agreement signed this week between the CRE (Energy Regulating Commission) and the USTDA (U.S. Trade and Development Agency) is of such transcendental […]

Affordable Energy Efficient Homes Have Arrived

Photo Courtesy: Why Aren’t Corporate Builders Building Them? By Alan Hoffman On a recent call to Centex Homes in south Santa Fe I asked, “How energy-efficient are your homes?” and I was told “very energy-efficient, all our homes are HERS 70.” I love it when salesmen throw around numbers and a bunch of letters; […]

1909 Building Tranformed into State-of-the-Art World HQ for GE Division

Courtesy: General Electric Company’s desire to consolidate and expand divisions of its renewable energy business was realised through a master planning study and sustainable building selection process. The project ultimately preserved a portion of the client’s existing plant infrastructure, transforming it into the Renewable Energy Division Headquarters. Completed in April 2010 and located in […]