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Seal The Envelope! – Green Build Edition

Our Green Building Edition series kicks off with plenty of good reasons to keep heated or cooled air from escaping outdoors…and your energy dollars from escaping from your wallet. A typical home can leak 40 percent of its internal air, but careful inspection and a good caulk gun can save homeowners some serious money. Courtesy: […]

Straw Bale Home: Completely Off Grid and Self Sufficient

This striking high desert home, designed by Taos, NM’s Edge Architects. The outer walls of the house, including the north, west and eastern walls; all are clocked in straw bales and have a thickness of 24 inches. This unusual thickness of the walls prevents them from heating quickly, thereby, keeping the inside temperatures at bay, […]

Green Under Construction

Courtesy: Janet Miller for When it comes to environmentally friendly home construction, there is more than one shade of green. There are deep green houses, with the highest standards for energy conservation, building methods and construction materials. The United States Green Building Council in 2000 created a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) […]

Landcom’s New Eco-Living Home is Greencycle

By Lynne Blundell Landcom has opened its second Eco-Living Display Home, Greencycle, one of three homes it is developing to promote sustainable building products and construction methods (see our earlier story on this) Located at The Ponds in Sydney’s north-west, The Greencycle home has a seven star rating and features building materials and products that […]

Building a Green Home – Recycled Glass

Courtesy: Article by Brandon Jones These days, many people start to think about the environment. One of the possible reasons for this is that people experience global warming these days and feels very uncomfortable about it. Because of this, many people would like to do their part by building a green home. However, not […]