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Grain Of Sand Sized Batteries

Batteries in electronic devices are getting smaller and smaller. Are you ready for a battery that’s the size of a grain of sand? Courtesy: Tweet

Old Phone In, Cash Out: ecoATM’s

With all the new models of phones and pads being introduced every day, here comes ecoATM: put in your old phone and it’ll analyze it, find it a new home or recycle the components, determine a valu… and offer you cash for your trouble! Courtesy: Tweet

The Most Interesting Eco Gadgets

  Everyday household items have been redesigned in order to cut production costs and overall price of these items, while still saving the environment as well. I have put together a list of some of my favourite eco-friendly gadgets. The USB rechargeable batteries So every household, no matter where or what size it is, uses […]

Top 5 Green Gadgets for Women On The Go

Some people automatically think of gadgets as a “guy” thing, but women account for 40% of consumer electronics sales* — so it’s safe to say that females need their gadget fix too! With more and more women leading hectic, on-the-go lives, smartly designed, durable, and sustainable electronics are crucial to keeping on top of all […]

Greener Gadgets Unveiled

Greener Gadgets Unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show The 2010 edition of CES is in full effect in Las Vegas and with it all of the latest gadgets, gizmos and technologies ranging from automotive to internet and wireless. Walking the floor it was clear that green tech is definitely making … Tweet