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Clean-Up Crew On The Half-Shell!

The Bronx River lost its thriving oyster population to over-fishing and pollution, but with a new initiative to raise a healthy population of baby oysters, the hope is that Nature’s water filtration system will soon be up and running. Courtesy: Tweet

Here’s Your Online Farmer’s Market!

People are looking for ways to bring local, fresher food into their homes… and here’s a distributive company that utilizes the power of the internet to do just that! Courtesy: Tweet

The Farmery: Watch My Food Grow!

There are lots of benefits of eating local food, so here comes The Farmery, a new idea in food production that brings the farmer and the consumer closer together. Courtesy: Tweet

The Green Power Shake

Last year I watched a college of mine drink a shake that looked like…well something you shouldn’t put near your mouth, let alone drink. The look on my face encouraged her to share what was in the green/brown mixture, and how great it was for your innards. While I couldn’t argue the benefits of drinking […]

Last Minute Green Valentine’s Ideas

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s day with your buddies, your significant other or your couch, some booze, and chocolate today I bring you some ideas to make this red themed hallmark-holiday a bit greener. Cards are sweet, and these days most drug stores offer a decent selection printed on recycled paper. But why not up the […]