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A startup aims to crank up solar power with efficient materials

Raising money for solar technology manufacturing is tough these days. But a startup called Malachite Technologies hopes to break through with an idea to design equipment that can make a solar cell using super efficient semiconductor materials that can boost the solar energy generation of a panel. The company pitched a hybrid solar cell concept […]

IBM Squeezes More Power from New Solar Cell

Phto Courtesy of IBM Research, and Agua Caliente The more sunlight a solar cell can convert into electricity, the cheaper the solar power. Companies like IBM are turning to new materials to try to break efficiency barriers for solar cells. IBM CZTS cell Wringing more solar electricity from low-cost materials is a major focus for […]

Solar Energy’s Future To Be Found In Nano Technologies?

Bringing down cost is of course the holy grail of pretty much all manufacturing, but in solar energy the issue is particularly acute. When it first came on the scene was heralded as a major energy source of the future but that dream hasn’t come to fruition, in large part because solar cells remain expensive […]

New Green Building Products

Photovoltaic shingles, three new insulation products, high-performance windows and skylights, and HVAC register covers for duct tightness tests. Dow Building Solutions is selling thin-film photovoltaic (PV) modules designed to be integrated with an asphalt shingle roof. Called Powerhouse Solar Shingles, the PV modules use thin-film (copper indium gallium selenide) cells made by Global Solar. Because […]