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South Africa’s interesting and innovative renewable energy policy

Africa is certainly the continent which has paid the higher price for the exploitation of nonrenewable resources (like oil and fossil fuels), in term of political instability, internal conflicts and pollution. To the other hand Africa is also the most sunny continent on earth and it could strongly benefit and profit by the adoption of […]

Siemens Shutters “Solar Power Tower” Business

Ever since the first inkling of a thought by an oil or natural gas industry executive that one day the world might run out of fossil fuel-based resources, he and his research team have been spending billions of dollars, devising ways meters might be attached to renewable energy resources. One of the first and most […]

India Unveils Plans for Massive Concentrated Solar Power

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has approved India’s largest solar project as part of its emissions trading scheme. The Clean Development Mechanism’s (CDM) latest project is a 100MW concentrated solar power (CSP) installation to be constructed in Rajasthan. Despite countless delays in the construction process India-based Reliance Power will complete the […]

Mirrors, Not Panels Hold Key to Solar Energy Future, Group Says

For a long time, one of the leading complaints about wind and solar power was that they were too expensive compared to good ol’ coal, gas and oil. Those objections have begun falling by the wayside as technologies have improved, oil prices have shot up and the cost of photovoltaics in particular has dropped, pushing […]

Sunflowers inspire more efficient Concentrated Solar Power plant layout

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants, such as the Gemsolar and PS10 plants in Spain, use arrays of mirrors (or heliostats) to focus a large area of the Sun‘s rays onto a small area, where the concentrated light is converted to heat that is used to generate electricity. While CSP has gained popularity in recent years […]