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Wind energy transforms Australian Township

by Wendy Frew     Denmark isn’t the sunniest place on the continent. The Australian continent, that is. The tiny township clinging to Western Australia’s southern coast is rainy for about a third of the year. So, it wasn’t a big surprise when, in 2003, wind energy emerged as the most viable form of renewable […]

In Two Years, Denmark’s Wind Power Will Be Half the Cost of Fossil Fuels

By Brian Merchant   Wind power is officially the cheapest source of energy in Denmark, according to the nation’s government—and by 2016, it claims the electricity whipped up by its newest turbines will be half the price of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Denmark’s Energy Association (everything about Scandinavia is friendlier, even its […]

European Wind Power: Denmark, Portugal, and Spain Leading the World

(via sustainablog) By J. Matthew Roney Denmark produced one third of its electricity from the wind in 2013. In no other country has wind’s share of annual electricity generation yet topped 30 percent. But the Danes are not stopping there—they are eyeing a goal of… Tweet

Denmark’s 50 Percent Wind Commitment and a Path to Fully Renewable Power

Photograph by Vattenfall Denmark has committed to generating 50 percent of its electricity from wind sources by the year 2020, by which time the country hopes to have reduced CO2 emissions by 34 percent compared to 1990 levels. This renewed commitment to wind forms the central pillar in an energy bill that commits to obtaining […]

Floating Power Inc. Focuses on Wave/Wind Energy

Floating Power Inc. Focuses on Wave/Wind Energy Platform Floating Power Plant Inc. and Bridgeworks Capital, Oregon, US today announced the joint creation of a U.S. company, Floating Power Inc., to commercialize the Danish company’s Poseidon Wave/Wind Energy Platform that has successfully … Tweet