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Solar Power Turns Saltwater Drinkable

By Duncan Geere MIT invention takes top prize in desalination competition There’s more than enough freshwater on Earth for humans to survive – but the problem is that it isn’t very well-distributed. Northerly and equatorial countries have loads of it, but those in between are growing increasingly parched. To address this issue, the United States […]

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Desolenator Churns out Clean Drinking Water using Solar Power

By Nick Lavars Desalination may one day prove the savior for regions of the world where clean drinking water is scarce, but current technology dictates that this process is often expensive and energy-intensive. The team behind the Desolenator has high hopes of delivering water security to those in need, with a mobile desalinator that runs […]

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Spanish Island Powered by 100 Percent Renewable Energy

By Bill DiBenedetto   The possibilities of renewable energy are on display as El Hierro, the smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is set to become the world’s first land mass to be fully energy self-sufficient, when an 11.5 megawatt wind farm goes online late next month. El Hierro, with a population of a little over […]

A High-Renewables Tomorrow, Today: El Hierro, Canary Islands

By: Laurie Guevara-Stone Islands confront some of the most difficult energy challenges. Their size and remoteness means they pay extremely high energy costs for often unreliable and dirty energy. Yet many islands are blessed with large amounts of sun, wind, and water, making renewable energy a promising solution. One small island off the coast of […]

Wind Energy Produces Water, Halves Cost

US companies Associated Wind Developers and Water Management Group have developed a technology that they say can provide low-cost freshwater. Wind4Water partners wind turbines with water desalination plants to create a pre-engineered, modular facility that the companies say can be deployed around the world to address the global water shortage. The first project has been […]