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Desolenator Churns out Clean Drinking Water using Solar Power

By Nick Lavars Desalination may one day prove the savior for regions of the world where clean drinking water is scarce, but current technology dictates that this process is often expensive and energy-intensive. The team behind the Desolenator has high hopes of delivering water security to those in need, with a mobile desalinator that runs […]

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Solar power will give you non-stop water during bike rides

If you’re a cyclist, you know the anxiety that comes with running out of water in the middle of a bike ride — the last thing you want is dehydration when you’re miles away from home. Design student Kristof Retez├ár may just set your mind at ease, though. He recently developed Fontus, a bike-mounted device […]

Solar-powered Water Purifying Affordable Homes Can be Donated or Purchased

Mesocore offers a container-sized housing solution that purifies rain water and is solar-powered. The potential return on investment for donating one to a family in need is very large. If you consider that there are millions of people around the world living without housing, electricity or clean drinking water, Mesocore self-contained micro homes could drastically […]

Low-cost water filter alerts users when water is safe to drink

Turning contaminated water into clean drinkable water can be as easy as filling clear plastic PET bottles with the source water and exposing them to direct sunlight until the UV rays disinfect the water. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s effective for areas without access to clean water or advanced water purification devices. But it’s […]

Photoflow Collector Harvests Rainwater and Solar Power for Developing Countries

While our planet may be made up mostly of water, and electricity is used in every developed country, both of these resources are in tragically short supply in many places around the globe. Moreover, the majority of still developing countries are located on or near the equator, which receives more sunlight and rainfall than just […]